About The School

Business corporations, UN agencies, government departments, civil society and other development actors are seeking a different cadre of human resources who can align profit with ecological and social mission.

The Xavier School of Sustainability (XSoS) is established in XUB to fulfil XUB’s social and environmental mission of bringing about transformation in our society. The School, being the first of its kind in India, aims to create and nurture the next generation of managers and leaders who can anchor and accelerate sustainability as a strategy for economic growth and sustainable human development.

“Thus, we take the first steps, knowing we have a Planet to Heal, a Planet to Save for ourselves and our future generations. We have a duty to care for the Planet. We have a duty to fulfill joyfully towards our Common Future! Therefore, let us
Know the Way, Be the Way and Walk the Way.

Prof. Dr. Fr. Paul Fernandes, S.J.

Vice-Chancellor, XUB

Engage. Excel. Enlighten

Towards Healing & Nurturing our "Common Home"