Springs of Sustainability

  • Sustainability Discovery Lecture Series (SD Lecture Series)

    XSoS arranges bimonthly lecture series focusing on various sustainability issues and trends by the eminent academicians or professionals. This lecture series is open to the students and faculty members. Through guest lectures and discussion, students gain valuable ideas and perspectives. Interaction with executives enriches the educational experience and complements the in-class curriculum. The School’s SD Lecture Series also benefits the XSoS faculty by helping focus on educational objectives and shape the curriculum to address the issues and challenges students will encounter as they embark the journey towards creating a better world.

  • XUB for Sustainability

    Carbon Neutral Campus

    One of the values of XUB is Ecological Sensitivity. To address this important issue, the initiatives in the campus would be to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gases. The campus already has vast green cover. Water heating system for student’s hostel runs on solar energy. The XSoS students would work on preparing APP for measuring carbon foot print on campus and then initiate action for carbon neutral campus. The various solutions for carbon neutral would be plantation of trees in and around campus, installation of solar panels and waste management.

    Clean and Green Campus

    The XUB campus has about 35 acres of land and some acres are dedicated to tree plantation. The campus has landscaping with green grass, plants, seasonal flowers and ornamental plants. XUB has dedicated staff who constantly work on making the campus beautiful green.

    XUB is also working on plantation and lawn grass nearby football ground area and faculty quarters. The names of few plants on campus include: Crotons, Juniper, Malati, Chlorona Drasina, rober, Akalifa, Champa, Ixora, Thuza, Croton Tisu, Ganga Jamun, Victoria, Jamia Pusa, Goura, Lemon, Devdarn and Moli . Campus is also planning to use grey water from students’ hostel for gardening purpose and conserve water. In near future, Rain water harvesting and rooftop gardening will be initiated. Different bins for collecting wet waste, dry waste and glass/recyclables have been installed.

  • STAR (Sustainability Thinking, Action & Reflection)

    XSoS believes that every student who is a member of any academic programme is a star. Hence the acronym STAR. The idea of STAR can be said to be a spark from the Dean, XSoS when he was thinking about what is the best possible way to engage with the students besides teaching. STAR is an idea that is being put into practice to create an enabling environment for fostering the cycle of thinking, action and reflection. During STAR sessions, the participants, mostly the students, are encouraged to reflect about their purpose and values of life in relation to nature. The idea of STAR also stems from the fact that sustainability is divine and we can experience this power only when we are able to experience the divinity of humanity and nature. We believe that in order to enjoy this divine experience, we need to explore how deeply we are connected to nature. STAR sessions are held twice a month, first and third Monday, during 4.00-5.30 PM. Normally, the session starts with a gentle and soft instrumental music that creates an atmosphere of meditation and reflection. Each session is conducted around a theme. However, the theme for the next session is finalised on the process and outcome of the preceding session.