Integrated MBA in Sustainability management

XSOS offers a unique opportunity for students to get a degree of MBA in Integrated Sustainability Management courses and a Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field of Human Development/ Sustainable Development/ Sustainability Science & Technology. The 5 years course is a comprehensive one to train young minds towards in-depth Sustainability learning and make a meaningful contribution as Sustainability Managers.

The program curriculum will be same as the Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Human Development, Integrated Masters in Sustainability Management and Sustainability Science & Technology as well as MBA-SM.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are same as Bachelor’s Degree Programs offered at XSoS.

*To continue in the Program at the Postgraduate level of MBA-SM, the student must secure a 1st class in Bachelor’s Degree

Fee Structure

The fees will be a combined fee of Bachelor’s Degree Programs offered at XSoS and MBA-SM program.