The Strategic Academic Advisory Board of the HR School has eminent persons from academia and industry and senior professors from the School. The SAAB brings in viewpoints from diverse fields and domains and provides a perspective and vision that adds depth and breadth to our thinking and actions. It is the sounding board for our dreams and support us in turning them to actuality. Discussions that have taken place in the SAAB meetings have fed intostrategy formulation, opened up ideas for introduction of new courses and helped us in charting out possible new directions that the School can move towards.

The members of SAAB are:

Dean (Academics), XSOS Convener
Dr. M. Nadarajah, Chair Professor, Center for Humanities and Compassion Studies, Xavier University Bhubaneswar Member (Internal)
Prof. P.D. Jose, Associate Professor, Corporate Strategy & Policy, IIM-Bangalore Member (External)
Mr. P.S. Narayan, VP & Head Sustainability, Wipro Limited Member (External)
Mr. Pooran Pandey, Executive Director, UN Global Compact India Member (External)
Mr. Srinivasan Iyer, Programme Officer, Ford Foundation Member (External)
Mr. Subrat Beura, Director, Biz Ops/Planning, Hewlett Packard Member (External)
Mr. Aditya Batra, Programme Director, Board & Funding, Centre for Science and Environment Member (External)
Mr. Cherian George, VP, HR, Harrisons Malayalam Ltd, Cochin Member (External)
Prof. Suresh Jain, Professor and Head, Department of Natural Resources, TERI University Member (External)
Mr. Jagdeesh Rao, ED, Foundation for Ecological Security Member (External)
Mr. Jagadananda, Member Secretary, Centre for Youth and Social Development CYSD Member (External)
Mr. Balasubramanian G. Iyer, Regional Director, Asia and Pacific, International Cooperative Alliance Member (External)
Mr. Ajit Kumar Pattnaik, IFS, Project Director, I C Z M P, State Project Management Unit-Odisha Member (External)
Ms. Aditi Haldar, Director, GRI Focal Point India Member (External)
Mr. Tony Henshaw, Chief Sustainability Officer, Aditya Birla Group Member (External)
Mr. M.V. Ashok, Former CGM, Dept. of Economic Analysis & Research, NABARD, Mumbai Member (External)