B.Sc in Sustainable Development (B.Sc – SD)

This is a first of its kind Bachelor Degree Program in Sustainable Development designed and offered by the Xavier School of Sustainability of Xavier University. This program aims to equip students with values of equity, justice, peace and ecological and ethical sensitivity towards creating a future world which deeply connects nature and humanity.

Programme Focus



E4L - Where E stands for Experience (A 5 credit experiential learning course)

Xavier School of Sustainability presents a unique outbound learning program called E4L for the BSc SD students wherein they spend a working day (Thursday) of a week in an organization as an intern to develop deeper understanding about challenges and opportunities associated with Human Development and Sustainable Development in various sectors of our state, Odisha. Taking 4 days of visit in a month, there are about 20 contact days between the students and organizations through E4L. Students are guided by the host and faculty mentors to come up with their comprehensive learning report.

Some of the organizations who hosted students under E4L are

--Odisha Mining Corporation Limited (OMC)

--Chilika Development Authority (CDA)

--Innovation Cell of Planning and Convergence Department, Govt. of Odisha

--Nandankanan Biological Park

--Odisha Space Application Centre (ORSAC)

--Bakul Foundation

--Open Learning Systems (OLS)

Summer Internship

The Summer Internship intends to equip the students focus on sustainability challenges in industry, government and civil society, and participate in the analysis and the problem solving process.

Capstone Project leading to dissertation ( 10 credits)

Capstone Projects are usually more “experiential” projects where students take what they’ve learned in the class and apply it to examine a specific idea in the form of an action project and write his/her learning.

B.Sc – Sustainable Development
1st Year (Semester I & II)
Semester Course Name
I (July - December) The Journey of Sustainable Development
I Philosophy of Social Science & Psychology
I Technology for Sustainable Development
I English Language and Communication
I Fundamentals of Environmental Science
II (January - June) E4L
II Philosophy of Natural Science
II Principles, Methods of Social Research and Statistics
II Development and Global Poverty
II Human Development and Social Inclusion
2nd Year (Semester III & IV)
III (July - December) Water, Food and Energy Link
III Gender, Equality and Empowerment
III Governance and Public System Management
III Sustainability, Food Security and Mitigation of Hunger
III Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainability
IV (January - June) Natural Resource Economics
IV Sustainable Energy Systems
IV Climate Change Science and Negotiations
IV Innovating Education and Educating for Innovation
IV Disability and Employment
3rd Year( Semester V & VI)
V (July - December) Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Public Health Systems
V Water Quality Management
V Coastal Zone Management
V Social Innovation for a Sustainable world
V Institutions and Agencies for Sustainable Development
V Capstone Project and Dissertation (Part I)
VI (January - June) Sustainable Cities, Spatial Planning and Mobility
VI Sustainable Consumption and Production
VI Waste Management
VI Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
VI Sustainable Development Programs: Evaluation & Reporting
VI International Law, resource conflict & Peace
VI Capstone Project and Dissertation (Part II - Report Submission)